May. 25th, 2011

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Right. Ready to fly. More or less. Need some sleep first. I got home from work today with an hour to eat and get changed before going out on the work social and I just curled up on the sofa and slept for twenty minutes or so.

It was bingo. I've never played proper bingo before. It took four or five games before I got used to marking off the numbers and started to be able to look at what I'd actually marked and then after that, it got harder to concentrate on the numbers - I'd try and mark 73 when it was actually 37 or I'd just be unable to see the number I was looking for. We all came out with tired, achey eyes - how do people sit there and play this for hours on end? And why is there no food in the house now I'm hungry after drinking lots of orange and mango juice?

I have had a stuffy nose for about the last two months - not so bad that I can't breathe through it or speak coherently but enough to be annoying. And today, in a too-hot office, with the sore eyes that always happen when it's hot and a slight headache from heat and stuffiness - ugh. I have packed my Piriton so I can have a couple of spoons if I can't sleep but I might take it anyway in the hope of waking up able to breathe. I'm hoping it'll be better in Norway, between the cooler climate and not being trapped in a metal box for seven hours a day. It's not been a particularly enjoyable last couple of days - stress, insomnia, heat, tiredness and lack of any time to myself. I should have gone snowboarding last Thursday but it was the only night off I've had... well, pretty much in May, so I came home from work and crashed.

Huh. Didn't mean for this to derail into cries of "I'm so tired!". It's nice to be busy. Just would be nice to have time to not do much occasionally. Wish I could take some medicine tonight but 1) don't want to run the risk of getting addicted to this stuff, even if it is only OTC antihistamines (I am sufficiently petrified of addiction to refuse to so much as take painkillers for anything except excruciating period pains. Headaches - put up with it. Aches and pains from hiking/snowboarding/sleeping awkwardly - no tablets. And there's no particular reason for it either, I have no history of addiction, it's just an irrational thing) 2) It's packed in the bottom of my case 3) I need to be up at the crack of dawn and I have no idea how powerful the sedative side-effects are. I don't want to risk not being able to get up in the morning.


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